1-on-1 Coaching (tailored to your specific application needs)
(US only)

Getting featured in the media opens many doors from getting more media coverage to paid speaking engagements; it will even help you to get your self-published books in public libraries. Since public libraries do not "market their products," they rely on media coverage, informing their respective communities about great books. 


PR coach Gisela Hausmann graduated with a masters degree in Film and Mass Media from the University of Vienna, the 22nd oldest university in the world; she also worked in the industry for six years.


Her own work has been featured on three local TV stations (WPLG, WWAY, WYFF), in the SUCCESS magazine, in Entrepreneur, on NBCNews, on Bloomberg (podcast), and dozens of other publications. ​​​


This coaching program includes three 1-on-1 sessions, on the phone or via Skype. 

It is a tailored training program, customized to your specific goals:

I will read your book's blurb and parts of your book to be able to tailor the coaching sessions to your and your book's particular needs. 

You need to provide me with a list of media outlets (local TV-stations, magazines (online and print), podcasts,etc. in which you want to be featured (including these outlets' websites) one week before our first coaching session.

During every 1-on-1 coaching session we will

  • work on your strengths and weaknesses,
  • develop an action plan what media outlets you should pitch in which order to achieve fastest results,
  • solve unexpected or recurring problems, 


  • you will receive one (1) custom-tailored pitch which I will write for you, per session. 

I am well-known for publishing "naked (no-fluff) books." I don't promise anything I can't keep. When you enroll in this coaching program you will learn the skills to pitch media outlets successfully and you will gain the confidence to do it. 


​Fee: $300.00 (for all three sessions)

Coaching session 1: (1 hr.)

  1. Decide which type of pitch suits your aptitude (Seasonal Pitch, Special Holiday or Event Pitch, Current Event Pitch) 
  2. Establish an action plan.
  3. Devise a perfect pitch forlocal TV and one specific national magazine. 
  • BONUS: one additional custom tailored pitch

Coaching session 2: (1 hr.)

  1. Feedback session
  2. Expansion of action plan. 
  • BONUS: one custom tailored pitch

Coaching session 3: (1 hr.)

  1. Feedback  session
  2. Coaching "How to become a “go-to guest” that the media calls again and again."
  • BONUS one custom tailored pitch

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