Building vocabulary 

Discuss: Why is this email a much better email?

How does George Taylor make his case that he is an excellent applicant?

How does George Taylor try to build a personal connection? 


[15 minutes]
Divide the class into teams of 3 to 4 students.

1) Each team tries to come up with the silliest (worst) me-mail to

  • Apply for a summer job
  • Inquire with the Counseling Office about scholarships
  • Volunteer as a speaker for a school event 

[15 minutes]

2) Engage students in a discussion about words that suggest inadvertently, "This email is about me. I don't care about your needs." 

Pass the silly (worst) me-mails clockwise 

[15 minutes]

3) Each team tries to correct the silly me-mail they received and turn it into a persuasive, appealing email. 

[15 minutes]

4) Engage students in a discussion about words that build connections and demonstrate real interest.

Subject Line: 

Summer job application: George Taylor, 8th Gr. Honors Math student 

Dear Mr. Smith,
Your  son Sam and I are good friends. We are classmates at ABC-Junior High. Sam may have told you that, occasionally, I help him with his math homework.
I am
pretty good in math which is why Sam told me that you are looking for somebody to help at your office during the summer months.

Aside from math I also love science. Last year I represented ABC-Junior High at the district Science Bowl, UIL and TMSC (math and science competitions).

I can help with everything from repairing lawnmowers to creating Excel-spreadsheets and similar assignments.
Please call me anytime for a chance to introduce myself in person. Of course, I would also be happy to repair a lawnmower on the spot to demonstrate my skills.

With many thanks,
George Taylor

Lesson Plan "E-mail vs. Me-mail"  - Grade 6-10

Discuss: How could this email be improved? 

What is a me-mail? ​

Me-mails are not professional. They are all about the sender. They shout "me... me... me..." instead of explaining how both parties can benefit from the proposed action. 


Do you think the recipients of me-mails will do what the sender wants them to do? Why or why not? 


How do you react when receiving me-mails?