Realistic Ways How to Turn Failure into Success

Gisela Hausmann has lived through it all: triumphs and tragedies. analyzed 100,000+ emails for effectiveness and personal appeal to devise a method how to write best emails.

The all-round talent has worked in marketing, content creation, education, construction and International transportation.

Her work has been featured in the media  extensively worldwide.

Gisela doesn't just offer motivational words and vague ideas, she is is a life skills expert who presents "naked (no-fluff) content" AND she answers questions, on the spot.

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Coaching & Speaking


Get coached by the winner of the

2016 Sparky Award "Best Subject Line"

Get your email opened first   &  

Build Best Business Relationships”

Who is this seminar for?  

  • sales and marketing people,
  • account managers,
  • interns, and
  • all persons who write e-mails to achieve results

What are they going to get from this seminar?

  • 1 hour of content strategy seminar
  • 2 hours of Q & A!
  • The opportunity to ask questions and get answers from an expert  who has analyzed 100,000+ e-mails

The resulting empowerment:

  • Learn to love using e-mail as the most powerful tool in the business world
  • Master the art of the cold-call e-mail
  • Establish powerful business relationships

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