Why does Gisela Hausmann publish "naked (no fluff) books"?

[ The short answer is - somebody's gotta do it, too many people write too much recycled fluff ]

1) “Naked” how-to books deliver knowledge in the shortest, most efficient and most entertaining manner; they are supported by illustrations, which show and tell.

2) “Naked” no-fluff books energize readers, because they do not have to labor through the pages, but can see what works and why it works.

3) “Naked” books empower readers because reading no-fluff books builds up energy. Readers do not feel drained but feel energized from learning dozens of easy-to-follow strategies and solutions in a short time.

4) "Naked" is to books what “lean” is to business; waste information is removed, solutions and action steps are introduced.

5) “Naked” no-fluff books are so 21st century… Today, we do not have time to dig for solutions, we want to buy, learn, and win!