concept creator,

email evangelist,

communications expert

life skills artist

I was fortunate enough  to have some amazing experiences which serve as an inspiration to do better every day: I meditated in the Dalai Lama's former bedroom in the Potala, alone by myself, when I visited Tibet before the 1987 uprisings, traveled the seemingly endless Trans Siberian Railway twice, trekked through the Kashmir Valley, rode on an elephant in Jaipur, India, and on a camel in the Mongolian desert.

I also renovated three houses by myself, including three kitchens and five bathrooms.

But, no life is all milk and honey; I lost my husband, my baby brother, my BFF since teenage days, and one of my two beloved aunts before I even turned forty-two.

Never shying away from insane work, I analyzed 100,000+ emails for effectiveness and personal appeal to devise a method how to write best emails. After all, writing best emails is the most effective way to reach customers and influencers.

I also dug through thousands of online reviews to find out how to get them and how they can help to boost sales.

If I have found one truth in life, then it is:

"Go for it!
Do the work because it will pay off, enjoy the moment because it might not last!


Gisela Hausmann is also the multi-award winning author of eighteen books. She graduated with a masters degree from the renowned University of Vienna.