This will help in “drowning” fake reviews while at the same time also boost products sales.
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2017 - How You Can Boost Your Online Sales This Year
Effective, Smart Marketing Instead of Data Harvesting

By Gisela Hausmann

Today, almost 8 out of 10 people consult online reviews when making the decision to buy, regardless whether they shop for a shampoo or a car, online or in a brick-and-mortar store. The product that gets the most reviews from customers looks most attractive to others.

The “Next Great Idea to Boost Sales” is to encourage customers to leave reviews because reviews sell goods and services.


This realization prompted more than one wave of “fake reviews.” In return, eCommerce companies stepped up their efforts to find and delete fake reviews, to uphold the integrity  of their valuable review platforms.

Most recently, Amazon dropped a bombshell and banned “incentivized” reviews to further curb the efforts of companies who seek to boost sales with questionable methods.
However, the cheaters are back already.

Since I am also an Amazon top reviewer, organizations who don't care to find out that I publish “naked truth”-books, are “kind” enough to email me their latest outlawed ideas. From the email of a Chinese vendor,

  • “... We wish you can review our product by ordering from us which is based on the rule of change in Amazon (Amazon no longer permits providing free or discounted products in exchange for reviews. )
  • We’ll give you the Amazon gift card before you order our goods from Amazon. The only request we pray for you is that you can’t say the product is free or you order the goods with the gift from us.”

Here is how this works: The Chinese vendor will send a gift card as a digital gift. The recipient(s) will buy the merchandise, which will “improve” the merchandise’s sales rank; and, if the recipient(s) also reviews the “gift,” the item might get boosted to bestseller rank and also have lots of reviews. Customers, who believe that apparently “everybody” buys this product, will buy it too, and it will stay in the bestseller ranks.  

As an Amazon top reviewer and online review expert, I resent this kind of cheating.
It is clear to me that Amazon can't stop the sales of their gift cards to eliminate this kind of “incentivized” reviews. And, even if they did, the cheaters would probably come up with a new method.

Though Amazon can't do anything about this, I can, and I am.

In order to help honest American vendors I decided to publish 1 of my 7 Insider tips to boost Sales. Here it is:


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