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Gisela Hausmann is an email evangelist, Amazon ecommerce expert, PR and communication coach, and multi-award winning author.

The author of eighteen books, she publishes books under her “naked” brand of books, meaning Gisela publishes “no-fluff” books.

Born to be an adventurer, Gisela has also co-piloted single-engine planes, produced movies, and worked in the industries of education, construction, and international transportation.  Gisela's friends and fans know her as a woman who goes out to seek the unusual and rare adventure.

A unique mixture out of wild risk-taker and careful planner, Gisela globe-trotted almost 100,000 kilometers on three continents, including to the locations of her favorite books: Doctor Zhivago's Russia, Heinrich Harrer's Tibet, and Genghis Khan's Mongolia.

Gisela Hausmann graduated with a master's degree in Film & Mass Media from the University of Vienna. She now lives in Greenville, South Carolina.


Gisela Hausmann is an email evangelist,

the winner of the 2016 Sparky Award "Best Subject Line,"

an Amazon ecommerce expert,

a PR and communication coach,

a multi-award winning author

and Huffington Post contributor.

Her 7-step system because templates don't really work too well.

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